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About is classic implementation of lottery six of thirty six (6 of 36) adapted to modern requirements like use cryptocurrency, global availability, usability at smartphone. - is are Bitcoin blockchain based lottery.

Bitcoin is an innovative cryptocurrency since 2009. More information here
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The Bitcoin price is quite significant and extremely volatile 200$ - 1000$ so we use small pieces of Bitcoin - Satoshi

Lottery time
Every time when Bitcoin block found (about 10 minutes) – gets new Six numbers combination and the lottery occur.

Six numbers combination
The lottery Six numbers generated from the Bitcoin block hash using a unique algorithm.
For example, from block hash:
get next Six numbers combination:
The relative position of numbers does not matter for lottery.

Lottery fund
Lottery fund consists from the sum of all tickets prices that have been bought. Everytime when player buying a ticket:
Lottery fund = Lottery fund + Ticket price.

The ticket means combination of six unique numbers from 1 to 36, that buyer must select to purchase the ticket. The relative position of numbers in ticket does not matter. After buying – ticket will participating in the lottery, and if it wins – buyer gets reward according winners rates.

Ticket price
Initial ticket price is 100 Satoshi. To avoid cheaters, ticket price will be grow together with the lottery fund.

100,000,000 Satoshi = 1 Bitcoin
1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 Bitcoin

Gambling is addictive, so invest by what you are able to afford.

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